Headway has been an integral part in Jamie’s transition from rehab back into the real world and is something I would recommend to anyone who has suffered a brain injury. It gave Jamie the chance to meet other people who had gone through similar experiences and gave him a purpose and a way to fill his days in the weeks and months that followed. He still attends his local Headway centre twice a week and is currently exhibiting his artwork at an exhibition at St Paul’s Cathedral called ‘This is Not Me’; 

“This Is Not Me, is a month-long exhibition of artwork from the unique perspective of people with an acquired brain injury, organised by the Acquired Brain Injury Forum for London (ABIL).

Running from January 27 to February 26, the exciting exhibition in the Cathedral’s Minor Canons’ Aisle portrays the reality of living with an acquired brain injury and challenges the perceptions of this ‘hidden injury’.

‘This is Not Me’

“The ‘alienation, trauma, loss, identity and acceptance’ of having an acquired brain injury is explored in a new art installation at St Paul’s.

‘Self Portrait’ by Jamie Mckechnie

artwork headway


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