When I got home each night from the hospital I would scour the internet to find a website or something with more information about what to expect, or even just to read about someone who had gone through a similar experience, to give me something to hold onto; some kind of hope. That’s why I decided to start this blog, to show that brain injury is something you can get through and survive, and incase there was ever anyone out there like me, searching the internet for answers, trying to make sense of everything. Similarly when Jamie left hospital, he found himself in a completely different situation to his life before, unable to work and looking for ways to fill his days. So I wanted to share some websites that helped me out while Jamie was in hospital, aswell as some useful resources that were essential to us when Jamie returned home and had to adapt to a new life with lots of new challenges.
Over the past 2 years we’ve also been involved in several projects, including a presentation of Jamie’s story at Kings College Hospital & more recently sharing our experience for the NHS run Bridges Project, which aims to create a handbook to help with survivors of brain injury. This is currently being developed, so I will add the link to this page once it’s live.

We find that by sharing our experience with brain injury and trying to help other people in the process, means that we can bring something positive to this traumatic journey we’ve travelled together and maybe give other people hope when the situation seems hopeless.

Ranchos Coma Scale
Coma: A State of Profound Unconsciousness by Robert J. Doman, M.D.
Headway UK

The Royal Hospital of Neurodisability

Ian & Larissa – Brain Injury blog

Gait Lab & Functional Electrical Stimulation at Queen Mary’s, Roehampton

Blue badge disability parking scheme
Employment and Support Allowance
Disability Living Allowance
Housing Benefit
Freedom pass for travel
Com Cab Taxi card
Healthwise Physical Activity Referral Scheme – Greenwich
Lewisham Be Active Scheme
Headway South East London




One Comment

  1. Hi Ellen and Jamie,
    What an amazing couple you are and what an amazing story and show of strength from both of you. I wish you all the happiness and a fantastic future together.
    My partner Paul is currently in The Royal London and in a minimally conscious state after being hit by a car whilst out cycling on the 7th January, like Jamie he is a huge cycling fan, although he’s a good bit older so his BMX days are long gone. Paul’s time in hospital has followed a very similar path up to now and although he is currently showing very few signs of conscious response, Paul at times will respond to sound with his eyes, we have to remain hopeful and positive and your story has really inspired me and given me strength that with time we will see minute changes that slowly progress, I’m now aware that this is hopefully a long, long journey.
    Thank you for sharing your story and Ellen, I also trawl the internet each night searching for information and help and I’m so pleased I’ve seen this. It was passed on to me by an amazing man who works for The London Air Ambulance and has been a fantastic support.
    Take care of each other,


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