‘One Punch’ Awareness Campaign

The fist is just as much of a weapon as a knife or a gun and can do just as much damage.

When Jamie was assaulted and punched at the back of the head, he was instantly knocked unconscious and fell to the concrete pavement with nothing to break his fall; so his head took the full force of the impact from his height of 6″2. In the few seconds this took to happen, his life was changed forever, by the action of another young man that was completely unnecessary, unprovoked and avoidable. This man was sentenced to 3 years in prison, eventually convicted of GBH but was released after only a year. He has been released with an electronic tag and will be tarnished with a criminal record for the rest of his life. 

Jamie was incredibly lucky to survive his assault and although his attacker Andrew Ellis is entirely accountable for his actions, I’m sure he was not aware of how much devastation he would cause by a single punch, so I believe it’s just as important to raise awareness among the young men who seem to be more susceptible to carrying out these attacks. I have heard of so many tragic stories over the following years, of one punch attacks that have either killed the victim or left them with life changing injuries.

We need to raise awareness of just how terrible the effects of a one punch attack can be and show that as in Jamie’s case even if the punch doesn’t kill, it can still do lasting damage that will stay with the victim for life.

“The ‘One Punch Can Kill’ campaign reminds people that in a split second a person can become a killer or be killed. Many of the campaigns try to raise awareness of how a night out can lead to a fight and the loss of life. The campaign is aimed at males aged between 18–25, and highlights the risks of getting involved in an argument or fight which could ultimately lead to serious injury or death.  Since 2004, 20 people have died as a result of One Punch attacks and many more have been seriously injured. With just One Punch, lives have been destroyed and families’ lives have been wrecked. The majority of incidents are fuelled by alcohol and can have a devastating impact on the victim and their family.  The offender will likely face a murder or manslaughter charge and have a criminal record for the rest of their life.”
The story of Wesley, 19 yrs old, killed by one punch-Greater Manchester Police
One Punch Can Kill awareness video-Portsmouth Police:



West Yorkshire Police have spearheaded a campaign, using posters like the one on this page; urging people to ‘take a breath and count to ten’; deterring them from resorting to violence. It would be great to see a campaign like this more present in London, where it is greatly needed and I’m hopeful that this documentary will be the start of a greater awareness in the community.

Article from the West Yorkshire Police website
Article on one punch attacks from The Telegraph- Aug 2014
One Punch Can Kill- Australian awareness campaign

Jamie and I have recently been in talks with a TV production company who have been commissioned to make a documentary to raise awareness on ‘one punch’ attacks and their devastating consequences. We’ve just found out that Jamie’s story will definitely be featured in the documentary and are really pleased that this is being made to highlight how much damage a single punch can actually do to someone. We’ll post an update when the documentary will be shown in the new year.




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