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  1. I just watched Jamie’s film on the Guardian website and felt compelled to write to tell you how much I admire Jamie’s bravery and determination, and how articulate and brilliant an advocate Ellen appears to be for him. I was very moved by the film and wish you all the luck in the world.


  2. This film made me cry so much. Jamie reminded me so much of my brother who suffered a brain injury 29 years ago at the age of 20. He’s still with us and we are grateful for that despite the challenges. I wish people were more aware of the impact of head injuries. I can’t believe the person responsible was put in prison for so little a time. He took away someones life! The judge should be ashamed of himself. Jamie is very lucky to have such good people around him. I hope he continues to recover.


  3. Hi Guy’s, Just been to the Dr’s with Ellé and my GP said he saw your short film. He recognised Vinny. He asked me to pass on his best wishes to you both, and said your a real inspiration. Those lucky enough to know you are very proud of the way you both get on with life, despite the challenges that have crossed your path. Stay strong, God Bless, hope to see you soon, Lorraine xxxxx


  4. Hey Guys,

    Saw Jaime is trying to ride again, and I think he needs a full face helmet (I think everyone should wear them when thrashing at the park) and maybe some upper body protection. If you have a donate page or something I would love to contribute to that. Both those pieces of equipment saved me serious injury in a bmx race crash.


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