Our life from now

In August 2012 Jamie was discharged from rehab and we began the next chapter our lives, beginning a whole new challenge of living with brain injury in the real world.

To mark the day that Jamie was discharged, he held a BMX jam at Stockwell skate park, as a way to bring all of his friends together and to celebrate how far he’s come. This now happens every year in August to commemorate the challenge he continues to overcome.

All of these photos were taken in the last 2 years since Jamie returned home, and really show just how far he’s come in his recovery.




Me and Jamie in Ibiza, celebrating his return home.

jamie bike1

jamie bike3

jamie bike2jamie bike4j24


j33 j34 j35 j36 j37 j38 j39 j40 j41 j42 j43 j44 j45




  1. El, that.was so beautifully written and told the story wonderfully. I often wondered how you all stay so strong for Jamie, he seemed such a hopeless case when I visited in the early stages of his recovery. Linda has kept us all informed of his progress and we have cried for you both. I also cried when I saw the wedding video but tears of joy this time. God bless you both and I offer prayers for a fantastic life for you.
    With love from Iris. (Linda’s friend)


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