From BMX to brain injury

Almost 2 years ago, me and Jamie were approached by a production team to share his story as part of a documentary ‘One Killer Punch’ that airs tonight on Channel 4.
However due to decisions made by the channel, our story ended up being cut from the final edit – but the director Tim was determined to get Jamie’s story out into the world so thanks to him, The Guardian have posted the short film today, ahead of tonight’s documentary.
It’s a very hard watch but really think they have captured the essence of Jamie’s story and the journey he has been on and we hope this, along with the documentary will raise awareness of the devastation that can be caused by one single punch, aswell as what life is like living with a brain injury.
Thanks to all of Jamie’s friends for being involved and for helping him get back on his beloved BMX. This is only the beginning of his journey through a recovery that will continue for the rest of his life, but one step at a time he is working towards his goals; never giving up on the ambitions that he hopes to achieve.

The documentary ‘One Killer Punch’ is aired tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.



  1. I had what I thought was a bad day and then I read this. I have nothing to worry about. Best wishes for a continued recovery Jamie and every good wish for the future. The wedding photos are gorgeous Ellen. Trish.


  2. I remember Jamie. He grew up around the same estate as me. I remember I brought a bmx once and went to the skate park and that’s when I first met him. I still remember him laughing when I went over one of the ramps and nearly broke my neck coming back down. He was always trying to teach us new tricks and would always do some crazy stuff. Best of luck Jamie


  3. Such a sad, shocking and pointless thing to happen.
    You are a lovely couple and your energy is inspirational.
    As a kid (and now) I wished I could ride a BMX like Jamie, very cool.
    All the very best to the both of you. If you are ever up in Liverpool, drop in for a cuppa and we can compare family trees!


  4. I watched the documentary last night, it’s heartbreaking. I’m so pleased I got to see your story. It’s so inspirational to see that you are both such a positive couple who are making a future even with the challenges you both face. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!


  5. When I watched your story it broke my heart to think someone could do something like that to another human being for no reason, i wish you all the best in your recovery Jamie and i loved the wedding video you both look so happy all the best for the future 😁


  6. Your story is a special one and deserving of a wider audience. The film is powerful and I am still thinking about it 24 hours later. What a shame it was cut from the documentary. I am inspired by your courage and the support of your friends and Ellen.


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