‘This is Not Me’

Jamie is part of a new exhibition called ‘This is Not Me’, is a month-long exhibition of artwork from the unique perspective of people with an acquired brain injury, organised by the Acquired Brain Injury Forum for London (ABIL).
Running from January 27 to February 26, the exhibition in the Cathedral’s Minor Canons’ Aisle portrays the ‘reality of living with an acquired brain injury and challenges the perceptions of this ‘hidden injury’.
“The 20 works on display have been created by people with a range of acquired brain injuries who are learning to come to terms with changes in their lives, sometimes having to ‘get to know’ themselves and their place in society all over again. Their experience provides a unique lens on the universal themes of alienation, trauma, loss, identity and acceptance.”

Jamie’s artwork is a self portrait of him riding his BMX entitled ‘Memories’.


jamie art


One Comment

  1. I had a similar but much less severe incident occur when I was 15. I was walking home with a friend one night when I was the victim of an unprovoked attack. I was mugged by a large group nearby my home. A guy came over and without saying anything punched me in the side of the head, ear and temple area. I fell from standing, hit the back of my head and I was knocked unconscious. I didn’t have a phone and they didn’t take anything of value.

    I came to a few minutes later and stumbled home seeing stars impair my vision. I thought the damage was only temporary but I’ve since suffered from severe headaches, migraines, a fractured cheekbone, eye problems, TMJ, confusion, dizziness, short term memory loss, an inability to speak and think clearly, all sorts. It’s been massively detrimental to my life. I consider myself very lucky to have such a caring girlfriend and family.

    It’s really encouraging to read this post and hear about ABIL and the exhibition.


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